The Last Message of Daniel – 3 – The Angel’s Preparation


Daniel is about 91 years of age, not far from the supposed age of the apostle John while on the island of Patmos receiving the book of Revelation. Cyrus, the assistant of God in the reestablishing of Israel as a nation in their own land, rules the Empire. We will have more to say of him presently. Daniel is called “Belteshazzar” (“May Bel protect his life”) only by the Babylonians and is simply being re-identified here as the one favored by the sovereigns on earth through the Sovereignty of God in Heaven.

Notice that from the beginning, Daniel makes it clear that he is speaking of a time far from his, though the prophecy will actually begin in his own day. Verse one seems to be a summary of all which we will now read. Eventually Daniel Weston does indeed understand what he needs to understand, but the price of his understanding is mourning, fasting, and seeking the truth with all his heart. He thus becomes a model for those of us in this hour who would understand the revelation given the church of Jesus. Daniel is a joy to watch throughout the book in this regard. His determination to keep on praying regardless of the king’s edict, chapter 6; the changing of his countenance indicating a struggle within to know what God is saying, chapter 7; in a similar vein, sickness and fainting in chapter 8; his searching the Scripture and finding fulfilled prophecy in HIS day, chapter 9; his confession of his and Israel’s sins followed by God’s affirmation of His love for Daniel and a clear response to his searchings, also in chapter 9.

10:2-3 In those days I, Daniel, was mourning three full weeks, I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled.

The Last Message of Daniel - 3 - The Angel's Preparation

Here begins the process of the unfolding of history. A man before his God, wanting to know the truth. 10:12 confirms that Daniel has this as his motivation as he humbles himself before God. As when he had lived on the basics as a young man in Babylon so many years ago, so now he puts away everything but the very necessities of life so that he can wait upon God without distraction.