Important Rearing Practices For Asian Arowanas


If there is one popular type amongst Arowanas, it is possibly the Asian Arowana. This amazing fish comes from the Scleropages family members and it is among the selections of big freshwater fish discovered in some rivers and lakes of Southeast Asia. While there are various categories and types of Asian Arowanas, they are additionally called by various other Asian names like bonytongue and dragon fish.

Oriental Arowanas flourish in the black water rivers and overloaded locations of Indonesia yet unlike when they are in bondage, they are really energetic food seekers and could be able to identify bugs and tiny pets a number of meters away from their area. While young, the young ho ca rong dep Arowana choose to consume pests while the grownup will consume various other fish, little pets like frogs, shrimps and any kind of pests.

Given that Asian Arowanas choose to remove waters, the correct Arowana treatment problems are to back them in huge fish tanks with slow-moving removing water and effective water pumps. Specialists state component of appropriate Arowana treatment is that illumination is extremely vital to Arowanas in keeping and boosting their all-natural shades. When it comes to Arowana food for the Asian Arowanas, the quantity and kind of foods that must be offered need to just be ideal and of program needs to come just from dependable reproduction ranches.

Prevent feeding your ho ca rong dep Arowana with ill fishes as well since ill fishes could have bloodsuckers in their bodies. Feeding Arowanas that are still young need unique Arowana treatment so it is advised that crickets or any type of bug with difficult coverings should be eliminated of their coverings prior to feeding to them to the french fries. If you desire much healthier Arowanas, infuse them with vitamins when they are currently grown or you could likewise feed them granulated vitamins.