Beyond Calories – A New Option With Fat Loss 4 Idiots


Phenq has gained a lot of popularity in the past few months and to top it up with its weight loss program they have introduced a new diet book titled “Beyond Calories”. This book is mainly to motivate and help you to achieve success in your Fat Loss 4 Idiots program.

 What is the book Beyond Calories all about?

Having launched their online book Beyond Calories, this book teaches you the method of increasing the number of meals you partake in order to lose those extra pounds. This theory of shedding weight works on H.S.foods theory where in you can lose out those extra calories.

Surprised that by increasing the number of meal time will help burn out calories?

Having heard people go on a strict diet regime to lose weight you may be surprised as to how can one really lose weight by increasing the number of meals per day. Well the secret lies in reading the book which gives you step by step instructions to follow and increase the number of meal time daily in order to really lose those unwanted calories that are stored up in the body.

This book also shares with you a number of secrets about losing weight along with tips and tricks so that you achieve the end result of losing all the unwanted fats.

Is there a necessity to have this Beyond Calories?

If you are a determined person when it comes to sticking to your daily regime of food and workouts then there is no necessity of having this book Beyond Calories. Just following the Phenq Diet Plan is enough but then this online book Beyond Calories will just booster your morale and help motivate you to reach the highest pinnacle of success in your phenq customer reviews.

Beyond Calories - A New Option With Fat Loss 4 Idiots

But that does not mean that you cannot reach the target that you set for yourself when you started off with your phenq program to lose all those extra pounds and calories as this diet program itself works on the theory of switching calorie i.e. helps you to manipulate and burn out calories in spite of eating all your favorite food stuffs without having to sacrifice on them.

The main aspect of this diet program is to have four meals a day following a particular diet at each meal and bringing in changes in your meals before the body gets accustomed to a certain type of food thus regulating a continuous working of the metabolic system which will help you burn those extra fats and calories without any efforts and without having to starve yourself to lose all those gained calories.

All in all the phenq program is fine and its working is extremely good if you follow the diet religiously but then to obtain this Beyond Calories is all your choice and to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself and the success level all depends upon you and only you.